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The Pet Loss Network organises workshops and events with practitioners and researches to raise awareness of the challenges of pet loss. Sign up for forthcoming events below and see our list of previous events.

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What is ‘Pet Loss’? Expanding understandings of animal companion loss

What is ‘Pet Loss’? Expanding understandings of animal companion loss

Join us for an exploration of the different kinds of 'loss' involved in human-animal companionship.Read More »

November 2022 - Compassion in the Workplace

Compassion in the Workplace – Bringing together experts in labour law, human resources, bereavement support and animal welfare, this workshop asks what are the challenges and benefits of workplace policies that enable compassionate leave for companion animal loss. See resources produced for the workshop here.

Spring 2021 to Spring 2022 - Compassion in the Workplace

Four workshops that brought together practitioners and researchers from across a range of sectors to identify and examine core inequaliites that shape access to good practice and support when dealing with companion animal loss.

September 2020 - PLN Launch: Pet Loss - a practicioner's viewpoint

We launch the Pet Loss Network with an online workshop exploring what pet loss means to different practitioners (animal welfare, cremation services, veterinary practitioners and children’s services). The workshop closed with a screening of Goodnight Friend by filmmaker Rowenna Baldwin.