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Compassion in the Workplace

Should employers give compassionate leave for pet bereavement? With contributions from Blue Cross (who have a compassionate leave policy for pet loss), HR consultancy (employers who treat employees with compassion cultivate loyalty and trust), and Professor of Labour Rights law Lydia Hayes (could there be a legal case for demanding compassionate leave?), this workshop explored […]

Rowenna Baldwin, ‘Goodnight, Friend’ (Short Documentary)

Goodnight, Friend – A story of the bond between human and animal We call them four-legged friends, but for many they are family. When a beloved pet dies, life can seem incomplete. Worse still are the feelings of guilt that owners can if they have taken the difficult decision to have their pet ‘put to […]

The Pet Loss Network begins…

In September 2020, The Pet Loss Network launched with a workshop identifying key challenges at the end of companion-animal life. These included how veterinary practitioners navigate euthanasia in a clinical context and as humans who have companion animals; how we explain pet death and bereavement to children; how pet crematoria care for animal remains and […]